EcoNIDRA™ Teacher Training 

Be the voice that reconnects

Reconnecting people and the Earth

The EcoNIDRA™ Teacher Training will teach you how to be the voice that reconnects people with nature and with themselves. It will provide you with all embodied knowledge, skills, feedback and professional resources to be able to facilitate high quality in-person and online EcoNIDRA™ sessions helping people reconnect with the planet and with their own body and heart. 

You will be able to set up your business as a certified EcoNIDRA™ teacher and/or integrate the techniques into your existing body of work as a life coach, stress coach, therapist, (yoga) teacher, forest therapy guide, nature or mindfulness guide, sound therapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, teacher, healthcare provider, and much more. 

You will learn how to embody the essence of EcoNIDRA™ yourself, and be a living example of what it looks like when people live their lives from self-care, in deep connection with nature, with their heart and with the present moment.

In this training, you will:

✵ Learn about the Roots and Lineage of EcoNIDRA™, the ancient Yoga Nidra practice, Nature Connection practices and the Power of Kindness movement.
✵ Learn about the Scientific Research behind the practice and how to be able to present its Benefits to your (corporate) participants.
✵ Learn the 10-Step Flow of EcoNIDRA™, how to facilitate your indoor, online or outdoor sessions, what to follow and where to improvise and play.
✵ Learn the specific EcoNIDRA™ Language and its powerful effects on participants' experience.
✵ Learn to use high quality Nature Soundscapes for the Earth Journey part of the session.
✵ Learn about different types of Rotation of Consciousness, aka Pilgrimage through the Body.
✵ Enjoy varied and fun content from EcoNIDRA™ founder and top experts in the field,
✵ Receive five Voice Work Masterclasses from voice experts from Total Vocal Freedom that will help you improve your voice modulation, body awareness and the Relationship with your own Voice.
✵ Enjoy an Immersion in the deeply relaxing and energizing practice of EcoNIDRA™ for yourself as a participant and reflect on the effects on your own nervous system, body, mind and emotions.
Practice  with your own sessions and get feedback.
✵ Enjoy ongoing free monthly live sessions with your trainer and the worldwide community of EcoNIDRA™ Teachers.
✵ Have access to a Resources Library with nature soundscapes, sample session scripts, scientific research studies, recommended books and more.
✵ Get a module about Authentic Marketing with tools and reflective exercises about how to spread the word in a way that feels authentic and is sustainable for you as it comes straight from the heart.
✵ Get ready-made visually appealing Promotional Materials for your sessions.
✵ Have a profile in the worldwide Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teachers Directory on the website where potential participants can find you,
✵ Have access to a Community of EcoNIDRA™ Dragonflies - teachers sharing the mission of relaxing and reconnecting the world.
✵ Have an opportunity to co-create EcoNIDRA™ and nature-based programs together with other teachers.
✵ Have possibilities for Professional Development as well as 1:1 Mentoring for EcoNIDRA™ teachers.

What you will receive:

  • An online learning platform and app so that you can go through the content at your own pace, anywhere you are. 
  • Varied, fun and experiential content delivered through videos, audios, texts, journaling assignments and quizzes.
  • Free continuous monthly live sessions with your trainer and the worldwide community of EcoNIDRA™ Teachers.
  • Recorded EcoNIDRA™ sessions for you to experience, to debrief and learn from as a participant, so that you can develop an embodied understanding of the essence of the practice and the different ways it can help.
  • Pre-recorded Voice Work Masterclasses provided by expert voice work teachers from Total Vocal Freedom.
  • A detailed setup and tutorials for your own guided sessions, with feedback from your trainer. 
  • An optional free 1:1 mentoring session to help you debrief your sessions, prepare for your sessions, brainstorm ideas or work on any aspect of being an EcoNIDRA™ teacher that you choose.
  • Resources library with useful resources including promotion materials, nature soundscapes, sample session scripts, scientific research studies, recommended reading and more.
  • Authentic Marketing Module with best practices and tips for authentic online marketing techniques and how to be found by your participants.
  • Access to the heart-based, kindness and nature-connected EcoNIDRA™ Community of teachers (in training) who meet online and in person and can co-create nature-based wellbeing projects and programs together.
  • Our support to do your Final Project based on a Random Acts of Kindness that will get you started in a way that works for you.

...and last but not least:

  • Your profile in the official worldwide Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teachers Directory, so that potential participants and organizations can contact you.
  • Your Certificate and Logo of a Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teacher to use in your promotion materials.
  • Continuous support, monthly connection moments with the community of EcoNIDRA™ teachers and your trainer where you can practice, ask, share, connect and start beautiful friendships and collaborations.

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    “This training has provided me with much-needed rest during a stressful period of my work-life. It has provided me a valuable tool to relax quickly and effectively, and to help others do so as well. I'm very grateful for the creation of this practice.”

    "A deeply Nourishing Experience: If you need better quality rest or you know people around you who need such, the ecoNIDRA practice is for you. Take this certification course for deepening your own connection to self and to the planet, as well as for having an easily accessible way to help others get the nourishment that they deserve. I highly recommend this course and experience!" 

    "One of a kind journey! It has brought me such growth, learning and tremendous understanding! This practice is such a daily necessity for me now. I am grateful to be a part of this teacher training" 

    "This practice has been amazing for me. My spring was set to be incredibly busy so I almost waited. I felt an internal push to take the training, and I am ever happy I did! It's truly the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I knew I would enjoy it. I had no idea about the connections that would be made. You are all amazing humans and I am privileged to be sharing this journey with you!!!" 

    "I have thoroughly enjoyed this course from start to finish. The self practice has been a gift in itself alongside being able to learn to share this with others. Thank you for preparing my wings and j clipping me so that I can start to fly. Highly recommended." 

    "I’m full to the brim with gratitude for this practice and this training! A heartfelt thank you. It’s magic! I’m looking forward to leading more sessions!" 

    "The Essence of Love: Both the practice of EcoNidra and this teacher training course are the embodiment of love and dignity. Even in the moments when the whispers of my competitive nature or insecurity tugged efforted to derail me, the dragonflies and the "voice that connects" slowed my breath and reminded me of my spacious being and the real of timing. Everything you need to learn about EcoNidra -- what it is, how it works, how you can make it yours, how to develop your voice and how to market -- are included clearly and enjoyably in this training. Truly, Kat Novotna is inviting a world of kindness and rested bodies to rise and be the new normal." 

    “I really enjoyed the training. It was easy to follow, and I like the layout of the course. I felt I had quite a lot of experience before I started the course as I'm a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher, and have been teaching for nearly 10 yrs. At first, I was a little bit surprised that we didn't lead participants to a specific place in the practice in the way that you do with Yoga Nidra. I've done three trial sessions of EcoNIDRA now and I'm really enjoying hearing the feedback from participants on where they went with the nature sounds and the special experiences they had. I really enjoyed the nature soundscapes, and learning how to incorporate them into the practice.

    "Thank you SO MUCH! By creating EcoNIDRA, you have made my life even more rich, beautiful and meaningful." 

    "Kat, after so many years of taking marketing courses from the time I first became a health educator, it has kind of burned me out. Module 5 has been like a breath of fresh air. I am really feeling my next steps already in a much more authentic way. Thank you." 

    "Kat, I am feeling so much gratitude for you and how very rich of a teacher training program you have offered to us. I was just looking through the Resources Library - it is absolutely wonderful and so full with essential materials for us to begin offering this practice. " 

    "This is such a lovely practice! I cannot wait to share it with others. You are wonderful to get this put together and offer it. I'm not sure I mentioned it earlier, but I'm impressed with how well the entire program has been run. Thank you again!" 

    “For me, the EcoNIDRA Teacher training was like a calm small river that was always there when I wanted to come to it. Sometimes it faded away, sometimes it was very close. It just unfurled in its own pace and rhythm. What I enjoyed the most were the nature soundscapes!!! Listening to sounds, searching for sounds, recording sounds, creating playlists.” 

    "Like water flowing out and into the world, as vapor, rain and bodies of water, EcoNIDRA will be everywhere serving those who need it." 

    "Thus far, the training, instructor (Kat) and practice have been incredibly wonderful. I feel such a lovely connection with it. Kat has been responsive to questions, generous with her time and connective in her techniques. I feel transported and balanced when we experience a session in training. The only thing I struggle with is the technical aspects, and I'm working on that end of things. I highly recommend this training!!!" 

    “I am loving the journey, the pace of the course is really lovely and the quality of all of the materials is great. Lots to reflect on and plenty of additional things to read - I'm looking forward to exploring the reading on nature sounds and effect on us as well as reading Gordon's book which looks fabulous.” 

    "I have absolutely loved the training Kat, it’s been such a special experience and a wonderful deepening for me. Your facilitation - how you held the space, the platform, the material and the pace of it was all fabulous. For me, it was the perfect combination of live and online and meeting and connecting with all the other dragonflies has been so beautiful and enriching. I’m thrilled to be certified and am so looking forward to sharing EcoNIDRA with my community." 

    Practical Details


    Enroll now, start anytimeThe training is designed to take 3 months at a spacious pace of 1 module every 2 weeks, but is completely self-paced to fit into your schedule and life situation.

    A significant portion of the training entails building up your own embodied experience with the practice by doing EcoNIDRA™ sessions and noticing its effects of your own wellbeing, health and life quality.

    The EcoNIDRA™ Teacher training will help you reset your own nervous system, rather than adding more stress to your life (see what others shared about this in testimonials).


    The training consists of 7 modules. It starts from Silence, travels through the Earth, and ends as a Dragonfly: 

    Space, and 

    Each module is full of both varied content and enough spaciousness, based on the energy of the particular element. For more details,  view the full curriculum here:


    To become a Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teacher, you need to:
    • Complete 100% of the training modules,
    • Write and submit your own EcoNIDRA™ script and receive feedback,
    • Record and submit two EcoNIDRA™ sessions and receive feedback.
    • Do your Final Project which can be any project or session based on EcoNIDRA™ and a Random Act of Kindness.
    If English is not your mother tongue, you are welcome to submit your script and EcoNIDRA sessions in your own language. we'll make sure to have it reviewed by a certified EcoNIDRA teacher who speaks your language.
    Your Trainers

    Kat Mertens

    Kat is the founder of EcoNIDRA™, Forest Therapy Guide, Teacher of Presence and Nature-based Vitality Trainer. Kat's passion and mission are to spread awareness about Nature Connection as a tool to improve people's mental, emotional and physical well-being. By slowing down and truly connecting, people remember their deep relation with the rest of nature. Matching our heartbeat to the beat of the planet can change the world.

    Kat was trained and certified by world experts and great mentors in Forest Therapy, Yoga Nidra, in the Way of Council, as a Teacher of Presence, Wellbeing Inspired by Nature Consultant, Holistic Nutrition & Life Coach, in Wilderness First Aid, Cross-Cultural Communication and Linguistics, and has 20 years of experience in training adults and community building for nature connection related projects. Connect with Kat here.

    Contributors to the Training

    Shirley Archer

    Shirley is an integrative health promoter and advocate, yoga nidra teacher, best-selling author, award-winning fitness industry leader and health journalist. Shirley will share with you her knowledge about trauma informed practices and language to be used in EcoNIDRA™ sessions.

    Katharina Pilhofer

    Katharina is an Embodiment Coach, Embodied Yoga facilitator and Yoga Nidra geek. She is of service to those who are ready for transformation to become the embodiment of their highest expression in this lifetime. Katharina will share her knowledge of the science behind brain waves during EcoNIDRA™ , as well as the transformational potential of the practice.

    Total Vocal Freedom

    In special Masterclasses for EcoNIDRA™ teachers, professional Alexander technique / Voice work specialists from Total Vocal Freedom will show you how to find a vocal quality and tone that is authentic, engaging and free. The result will be a voice that connects your heart to other hearts, and helps both your participants and yourself relax deeply.

    Gordon Hempton

    Gordon Hempton, The Soundtracker, Emmy-winner, author of One Square Inch of Silence and environmental activist. Gordon has searched the globe for more than three decades to record nature at its most pristine. EcoNIDRA™ teachers in training have a chance to read Gordon's amazing book, receive a large discount for his nature soundtracks and consult their skillful use with him.

    Your investment

    Tuition Fee

    1200,- EUR | 1296,- USD | 1029,- GBP

    • An online learning platform &
    •  app with varied, fun and experiential content,
    • Monthly live sessions,
    • Recorded EcoNIDRA™ sessions,
    • Voice Work Masterclasses.
    • A detailed setup, tutorials
    • and feedback for your work,
    • Flexible 1:1 Mentoring sessions,
    • An online Resources library
    • with useful resources including promotion materials, nature soundscapes, sample session scripts, scientific research studies, recommended reading and more.
    • A whole module about Authentic Marketing,
    • Heart-based and nature-connected EcoNIDRA™ Teachers Community
    • Collaboration possibilities on various nature-based wellbeing projects
    • Your profile in the worldwide
    • Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teachers Directory.
    • Your Certificate and Certified Certified EcoNIDRA™ Teacher Logo.
    • Continuous support after the training.

    Monthly Payment Plan

    3 - 5 Monthly Installments

    You can spread your payment into 3 to 5 monthly installments:
    • 3x € 405,- | $ 437,- | £ 347,-
    • 4x € 305,- | $ 329,- | £ 261,-
    • or 5x € 245,- | $ 264,- | £ 210,-

    The price is incl. all previously mentioned elements of the training.

    Once you have graduated, your certificate remains valid, no hidden costs, no (unpleasant) surprises, but maybe an occasional extra gift, since we like to nourish our mycelium! ッ).

    Special Price for Forest Bathing Guides and Yoga Nidra Teachers

    1050,- EUR | 1134,- USD | 900,- GBP

    • If you are a certified Forest Therapy, Forest Bathing or Shinrin-yoku Guide, you can combine EcoNIDRA with forest bathing in a very beautiful way to create retreats that have a varied and extremely nourishing and connective program for any group, location, client or setting. The two practices fit together perfectly! The journey to becoming an EcoNIDRA teacher will enrich your guiding, and vice versa. That is why you can sign up with a special discount of €150 or the equivalent in your currency.
      If you are already a certified yoga nidra teacher, you are familiar with the elements of the traditional yoga nidra. You will be pleasantly surprised how EcoNIDRA and the deep connection and partnership with nature and the specific elements of Forest Therapy in this practice will shape your practice and the way you facilitate it. Spoiler alert: our experience is that yoga nidra teachers who have been trained in EcoNIDRA, often only want to go ahead with EcoNIDRA! ッThere is an extra layer that you will discover by yourself. That is why you will receive a special discount of €150 or the equivalent in your currency.The price is incl. all previously mentioned elements of the training.
      Once you have graduated, your certificate remains valid, no hidden costs, no (unpleasant) surprises (but lots of extra nutrition from the entire community of like-minded Dragonflies).
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