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The Team

Kat Novotna

Founder & EcoNIDRA™ Teacher

Kat is a certified Yoga Nidra Teacher, Forest Therapy Guide and Body Wisdom Coach. She has nearly two decades of experience in guiding and teaching participants outdoors, indoors and online, and is using her skills and passion to help people slow down, re-charge and re-connect with nature, with themselves and with others. Connect with Kat on LinkedIn.

Susanne de Klerk

Admissions & Admin
Susanne is the stable and steady power in EcoNIDRA's backoffice. An excellent out-of-the-box thinker, Susanne is taking care of the smooth flow of administration, enrollment and admissions procedures.

Ales Pokorny

EcoNIDRA™ Consultant
Ales is a certified Forest Therapy Guide and EcoNIDRA's main consultant in the field of nature connection practices and facilitation. He has solid background in Forest Therapy for various populations including corporate and educational settings, as well as in Environmental Studies and Consulting.

'I am here and I'm alive. That's enough.' -Don Miguel Ruiz