EcoNIDRA™ Corporate Wellbeing Programs 

Give your team the gift of deep relaxation to boost their mental wellbeing, focus and creativity.

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Our world has been rapidly changing, and the consequences of these changes have brought many new challenges for our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Often, the changed life situation together with working from home brings about a lot of new emotions, and even higher levels of stress and anxiety than before.

But how about if you could support yourself and your team by offering them a regular moment of professionally guided self-care that will allow them to experience deep stress relief, including relaxation of body, mind and emotions? How would it be to help the members of your team reconnect with themselves, with others and with the planet in a very accessible and enjoyable way?
This is exactly where the EcoNIDRA™ Corporate Wellbeing Program comes in. Read further about the benefits, structure, and what our corporate participants said about the experience, or contact us directly for more information.

EcoNIDRA™ Corporate Wellbeing Program

The Gains

  • An increased sense of relaxation and wellbeing,

  • Lower stress hormone levels,

  • Feeling refreshed, having more energy,

  • Boosted immune system functioning,

  • Improved sleep and digestion,

  • Sharper cognition, greater mental clarity,

  • Enhanced creativity, focus and memory.

  • Greater sense of aliveness, being more present,

  • Improved and stabilized moods,

  • Having experiences characterized by bliss, empowerment, self-acceptance, more empathy, insight, purpose, greater perspective, integration,

  • Feeling more connected to oneself, to others and to the planet.

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What our Corporate Clients shared

"After taking a morning EcoNIDRA session, I am calmer and more focused on the tasks I need to complete today. A highlight for me is the extremely soft and warm voice Kat has. I had the whole house for myself, earplugs to listen to Kat and isolate other external interferences. This was one of the best things I did for myself today. This is a great opportunity to slow down and recalibrate your mind. If done in the morning, it feels like a desert just after waking up. If done in the evening, it's the perfect recipe before going to bed." 

"After the session, I felt less anxious and more aware of what surrounded me. A highlight for me was Kat’s voice and the calm she transmits since the beginning. It is always a good choice to start the day dedicating time to yourself and to leave stress behind." 

"Thank you SO much, I feel so relaxed. Your voice is so soothing!" 

-Corporate Wellbeing Program Participants (Netflix)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! We enjoyed it and we loved your voice. It’s magical and it’s a beautiful experience. After the session, I was much more relaxed, a bit sleepy as well and I felt happy. There is focus on planet earth, animals and people. A new experience for me and I also liked the beautiful sound of nature. Enjoyed it very much! This is a treat for yourself. Have to join for an inner peace / relaxation and a beautiful experience if you care for our planet, nature and humans." 

-Corporate Wellbeing Program Participant (Heldergroen)

"After the EcoNIDRA session, I feel more connected and aware of my environment, in more control to my energy and how it can interact externally. More peace. A highlight for me was the nature connection (with lovely sounds played) which indeed helps to travel for some time. I definitely recommend to make it part of your daily/regular hobbies." 

-Corporate Wellbeing Program Participant (Netflix)

"The EcoNIDRA session made me feel calm and composed. My mornings are hectic with an early start with two small children and then jumping into work. I am often anxious. This hour helped me feel grounded and more prepared to deal with my day / week. What I enjoyed the most was the balance. Your voice is very nice and neutral, I did not have to get used to it. You opened the session with a little information that helped set the tone and kept it minimal. It was about me/us - not the experience. I am used to body scans from other practices but enjoyed the combination of that with the ask to follow nature's sounds. It felt like a treat and I also took care to prepare my surroundings and have the space. I would definitely recommend the experience. I would say that for someone who needs relaxation and calmness but doesn't want any imposed philosophy, this is a very accessible practice. For people who enjoy and appreciate the nature, it is such a great invitation to take the calmness from it." 

-Corporate Wellbeing Program Participant

Please contact us if you have any questions and/or would like to discuss the possibilities of online or live Nature-Based Corporate Wellebeing Programs for your organization!

"Rest isn't a reward for work, it's part of the work." -Leesa Renee Hall