'To be more apt to flow with life rather than struggle against it'

How can nature immersion help you remember who or what you are? And can it be challenging to get enough rest to reconnect deeply even when you are working in nature conservation, nature connection and yoga? This is an interview with Lizabeth Kashinsky, EcoNIDRA teacher, nature and animal lover, yogini, and passionate Earth advocate from Hawaii.

Lizabeth, who are you? How would you describe who or what you are right now?

This is a challenging question, as it could be answered in so many different ways! I am a nature and animal lover, yogini, and am very passionate about protecting the earth. My career has been dedicated to protecting the nature world through conservation work, but I am more and more convinced that connection and compassion are essential to protecting the earth.

Do you recall the moment when you remembered how connected you are with nature? Would you like to share about it?

I have so many moments, but I would have to say that the time I spent living and working in some of the most remote islands in the world for months at a time with only 2-3 other humans and very little contact with the outside world were the most life changing experiences I had in wild nature. I was surrounded by the ocean and wildlife. Hundreds and hundreds of sea birds were everywhere-soaring, gliding, swooping in the sky, and nesting on the ground. I could hear them all night and day long, and had the opportunity to become highly attuned to the rhythms of nature and tap into my intuitive mind.

What has changed since then?

I no longer visit those islands but the times I spent there inspired me to pursue a master's degree in Transpersonal psychology with an emphasis in ecopsychology at Naropa University. When I was going to those islands, I was experiencing some very personal challenges, and being so connected with nature during that time made me realize the profound healing that can occur in wild nature.

When was the last time you realized you needed to slow down and/or rest more?

This is something I struggle with all the time because I am working a very demanding and full-time job while also trying to grow a business of connecting people to self, other, and the natural world teaching yoga and yoga nidra, conducting workshops and retreats, and working with groups and individuals doing healing with with nature and horses. Although I have a very regular yoga and meditation practice, get outside daily to exercise, and take good care of myself overall, I have recently realized how important it is to do at least one really intentional experience each week as much as possible where someone else is holding space for me.

What messages did your body or soul send to you (or is still sending you) when going through challenging times?

I am trying to be very mindful of when I notice the stress levels start to rise so I can come back into balance. I also know how important it is to connect with others, including the non human world, on a daily basis. Go into more wild nature is the number one message I get. I am fortunate to live in Hawaii where I can do that comfortably year round.

Did you change anything about your life, work, lifestyle, way of thinking, approach to life, relationships...?

I am constantly striving to change and grow so that I can better hold space for others.

What tips would you like to give to those who experience similar challenging life situations, on physical, mental or emotional level?

When you are feeling overwhelm or mental distress, notice any changes that take place when you go out amongst the trees or to the ocean. It may not change over night, but sometimes just a little shift can get you to start feeling better. I am also a firm believer in having a regular meditation and yoga nidra practice (and Econidra as part of that, of course!). The results are not always instantaneous, but with a sustained practice, even if it's just a few minutes a day, in general, most of us will develop more of an ability to be with what is happening in life, to be less attached to things, and be more apt to flow with life rather than struggle against it.

Thank you so much Lizabeth!

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