Interview with Holly Barber: I heard the words "you want to be in nature".

This is an interview with Holly Barber from Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK. Holly is sharing her inspiring story about how she was in a job she hated, spending most of her time in a toxic environment, and knew her life needed to change. From the abundant and wise nature of Costa Rica, she received the message that what she really wanted was to be more in nature. At the very start of a global pandemic, Holly quit her stable job to start her own business. 

Read Holly's story, how she changed her life, the warning signals of her body to slow down, and the tips she has for those in challenging life situations. 

Holly, who are you? How would you describe who or what you are right now?

I'm a wandering (and wondering) soul who is filled with wanderlust and a desire to make the world a better place.

Do you recall the moment when you remembered how connected you are with nature? Would you like to share about it?

Back in 2019 I knew that my life needed to change. I was in a job I hated, spending most of my time in a toxic environment. I decided to take myself off to Costa Rica for a month to make some big life choices. It was a country that a dear friend once called the "land of manifestation" and I felt it had something for me. There's one particular place there (Playa Uvita in Puntarenas Province) that called me. I'd been there the year before and had the most extraordinary time and was sure that Pachamama would deliver again for me there. I spent hours walking along the beach there and I don't know whether it was the pounding waves of the Pacific to one side of me or the luscious jungle to the other - but I heard the words "you want to be in nature". I didn't fully understand what that meant but decided to say yes to whatever Costa Rica wanted to manifest for me. I felt such a deep sense of connection to that place that it wasn't a question of whether to say anything other than yes - it felt the most natural thing to do. That was the start of the most extraordinary journey that I've been on since.

What has changed since then?

My whole life has! I went from being in full time employment with a regular (and good) income to quitting at the start of a global pandemic, retraining and setting up my own business. Personally - I feel so much happier, lighter and connect to the world around me than I ever did.

When was the last time you realized you need to slow down and/or rest more?

Just this past weekend! I have a long standing knee injury from when I used to do half marathons and 10 miles runs. Whilst my running days are long in the past - I walk a lot (5 or 6 miles a day on average). This past weekend my knee had taken enough of walking and forced me to spend a day resting. As I've come out of that enforced rest - it reminds me to walk slow and savour what is around me rather than rush.

What messages did your body or soul send to you (or is still sending you) when going through challenging times?

That everything is just a phase - look for the good in every day. Even on the darkest of days, there will still be some good there if you look.

Did you change anything about your life, work, lifestyle, way of thinking, approach to life, relationships...?

I quit my job and now work for myself. Whilst I do some freelance work I feel my attitude towards it is so different now - the stress doesn't impact me as it once did. I'm only interested in supportive, positive and authentic relationships - this has meant that some people are no longer part of my life, it also means that new people have come in and enriched it.

What tips would you like to give to those who experience similar challenging life situations, on physical, mental or emotional level?

Listen to your heart. Listen to your body. Remember that without change there would be no butterflies.

Thank you so much Holly!

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