'I went to my garden and on my way back, I decided to cut my hours and give myself my freedom back.'

This is an interview with Linde ten Broek from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Linde is sharing about balance in life, about the learning process of giving love to yourself and not only expecting it from others, and about her garden that connects her deeply to her ancestors.

Linde, who are you? How would you describe who or what you are right now?

What a great question! I think I am a sensitive soul, in love with the sun, the sea, my cat Chica Coco Chanel and of course in love with nature and yoga. For me I feel more and more in balance with the yang energy in fitness and my works as a communication advisor, and my love for yoga, forest bathing and being a EcoNIDRA yoga teacher on the other hand. I write stories and conduct wedding ceremonies in nature. Yes it is a lot, and I love it.

Do you recall the moment when you remembered how connected you are with nature? Would you like to share about it?

When I am in my garden, with my hands and my feet in the mud, I feel blessed and so happy. These moments always remind me there is so much more than work and to do lists. When I am there I feel home and in sync with what is.

What has changed since then?

Since the moment I own my garden, i feel blessed and honored that this piece of land is mine, and that I always can go there, connect to it and feel how I am the same as my dad and my grandmother who used to love being in their gardens too. I feel connected to them too.

When was the last time you realized you needed to slow down and/or rest more?

I think this was one week ago. With too many deadlines and a story I had to write where I could not tap into the soul of the story and my own soul. I went to my garden and on my way back, I decided to cut my hours and give myself my freedom back. Instead of some drama feelings or sadness I felt so much relief and happiness. That was amazing.

What messages did your body or soul send to you (or is still sending you) when going through challenging times?

When I go through challenging times my belly hurts and i have problems with digestion. Then I always know, I need to slow down, I need to love my self, my body and my soul even more. This is a continuing story and an everyday practice, I mean, self love. Not hoping someone else will give it to me, but me giving it to myself. Although it is really great to receive love too of course.

Did you change anything about your life, work, lifestyle, way of thinking, approach to life, relationships...?

More and more I feel grounded, although my lesson with relationships is a tough one. It is so nice to give love to myself, but it not yet in my system, so still learning. My way of thinking is changing too. By setting my boundaries and my yes and my love for life, I really feel deep inside this is heard by the universe and anybody who listens. But it is not about this alone, it is about the acceptance of myself too. These days I feel I am healing the ancestors line of my family in relationship challenges. I so feel this is about the bigger picture. About loving ourself, for who we truly are. Although this is sometimes beyond words.

What tips would you like to give to those who experience similar challenging life situations, on physical, mental or emotional level?

Love is the answer, and that goes deep. Give yourself permission to do nothing, just sitting and being. having a drink or just gazing at the clouds. Feel what is and do not hide what you feel. Give room to what is, nice and not so nice thoughts, words, this can give you so much space and freedom. And be patient. Life will give you signals and answers, dare to listen, and slow down. Every day, again and again and again.

Thank you so much Linde!

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