Gift Vouchers - Give the gift of Radical Relaxation!

Inner peace is the new luxury. Give the valuable gift of extremely nourishing EcoNIDRA™ sessions that will give your loved ones the chance to relax deeply and practice real self-care, while lying on their back in their own space and being guided  through this unique practice by a certified guide and teacher. The practice is based on the ancient Yoga Nidra (the conscious sleep), with elements of Nature Connection, soundscapes taking them on a journey through some of world's more pristine nature, and the power of Random Acts of Kindness. The receiver of your voucher will be able to choose the dates and times of their session(s) in agreement with the teacher, choosing from morning, lunch break and evening sessions. Read more about the practice, get your vouchers below, or contact us if you have any questions and/or prefer another payment method.

Get your vouchers via the PayPal buttons below. Upon payment, we'll contact you to discuss your voucher's details (the receiver's name and an optional personal message) and email you your vouchers.

Voucher  for 1 EcoNIDRA™ session, EUR 10,00:

Voucher for 4 EcoNIDRA™ sessions, EUR 40,00:

Voucher for 7 EcoNIDRA™ sessions, EUR 70,00:

"Receiving this moment of deep relaxation was highly appreciated by my friends. They fell in this deep sleep, spaced away, landed in their bodies, felt connected, grounded. Some of the experiences that they shared. Thank you Kat for making this possible, supporting this journey with your care and your sensible approach." -EcoNIDRA™ participant
"I usually couldn't stop thinking about my work when I was trying to meditate. But with this practice, you kept me engaged and out of my head for the entire session! I felt very relaxed afterwards and feel resetting my emotions like this this has also a positive impact on my relationships." 
-EcoNIDRA™ participant

"The nature sounds brought me back to a lot of places I’ve been on holiday. Scotland, France, Switzerland. But also the beach here in Holland. Goosebumps all over the place sometimes. Thank you Kat!" -EcoNIDRA™ participant

"Thank you very much for inviting me. I am 34 weeks pregnant today and my baby has been very stressed…during this hour she has been extremely calm and I believe she enjoyed it as much as I did! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" -EcoNIDRA™ participant

'You don't have to choose between being kind to yourself and others. It's one and the same.' -Piero Ferrucci