The Liminality of Grief: Befriending The Unknown through Radical Rest, Self-care & Forgiveness

Below are just some of the pearls that have deeply touched my heart when I read Sari Telpner's piece about the incredible journey she has been through with the loss of her parents, and the way she has been able to navigate through times of grief, confusion and exhaustion using the tools she had gathered: Forest Bathing, EcoNIDRA, Wim Hof Method, Sit spot, reiki, writing, and more.

Sari Telpner is an EcoNIDRA language specialist and teacher, Forest Therapy guide and so much more. To me, she is a great friend always inspiring me by her depth, loving kindness, authenticity, and the poetic and conscious way she is using language.

"One day early in The Pandemic my dad's doctor actually walked over to the parking lot of their retirement community and in the back seat of my car palpated my father's lower abdomen. For my dad, it seemed it had come down to getting his medical care in the backseat of a 2007 Honda Fit."

"On Father's Day he took his last walk with me through their building. He later listened to "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens on his Alexa while looking at a card from my younger sister which contained the song lyrics. My dad listened and looked up at my mother, smiling and extremely out of breath and in a slurred voice said, "Those are great songs." I knew in that moment that my dad would soon be gone. Tears streamed down my cheeks with Cat Stevens voice and my dad's smile tucked away in my heart."

"Throughout my dad's Hospice journey my mother said, "What a horrible time to have memory problems when my husband is dying!" She would wake up each day once again discovering as if for the first time that her husband was dying. She knew just by looking at him. My heart was breaking."

"Another practice which helped me through this time, was EcoNIDRA, a nature-based form of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra. I'd choose one of my many EcoNIDRA recordings and rest on my bed in late afternoon, facilitated through a 3 stage journey- through my senses, my body and The Earth for about 50 minutes. This practice offered radical rest for my body and nervous system while doing absolutely nothing; drifting between a state of waking and sleep."

You can read the full version of this beautiful piece of writing on Sari's website HERE.