Interview with Gwen Melis: I had to slow down, there was no other option.

This is an interview with Gwen Melis from Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands. Gwen is sharing about her journey of how she realized that often when saying ‘yes’ to others, she said ‘no’ to herself, and how nature and slowing down are supportive in that process of getting back home to herself.

Gwen, who are you? How would you describe who or what you are right now?

Pure love in a human package ;-), but also life traveller, intuitive coach, EcoNIDRA teacher and an animal communicator.

Do you recall the moment when you remembered how connected you are with nature? Would you like to share about it?

There are several moments in nature very dear to me, when I felt one with nature. It’s best to describe when I’m completely still in myself, I can hear nature’s whispers… When I connect with the earth, not like a separate being, but connected, on earth, with earth, in earth and then I can feel the earth in me. It’s like time and place fall away, I’m not a body anymore, but I am nature. Of course it’s not always that way, especially when my mind is quite active. But if it’s there, I can feel the magic of nature connection.

What has changed since then?

I used to identify myself with my body and mind, but since these experiences I can feel that I’m more than that. It’s bigger than ‘me’ and I feel much more connected to myself, nature and all beings. Nature is my support system, teacher, mirror and family. She’s taking care of me, I want to take care of her too.

When was the last time you realized you needed to slow down and/or rest more?

Last year when I wanted to DO more to BE better… so I started the EcoNIDRA teacher training to give to others, not yet knowing I had to use it for myself. I got sick in the beginning of 2022, so I let go of the doing, and started being… I had to slow down, there was no other option. And then slowly the being got into the doing. Until a few weeks ago I got another physical challenge that needed attention, so that’s when I needed to slow down again.

What messages did your body or soul send to you (or is still sending you) when going through challenging times?

Being still, surrendering to the ‘not knowing’, resting your body on the earth… You are exactly where you need to be right now, allowing yourself to be exactly how you are right now… allowing… being… and then room for transmutation arises from the inside out.

Did you change anything about your life, work, lifestyle, way of thinking, approach to life, relationships...?

I used to find it hard to say ‘no’ to other people, but I realized that when I said ‘yes’ to others, I said ‘no’ to myself. And that didn’t feel so good. Now I’m making space for myself to feel what I really want, by slowing down and to connect with my body again. And the ‘Yes’ses to myself are multiplying :-). That really makes a difference.

What tips would you like to give to those who experience similar challenging life situations, on physical, mental or emotional level?
  • Keep checking in with yourself. Your body tells you if something is a ‘yes’ of a ‘no’.
  • Making time for yourself to do nothing, or to go for a silent walk in nature, to dance, to sing, or to do an EcoNIDRA session :-).
  • Surrounding yourself with people who support you on your journey.
  • You don’t need to go far away to connect with nature. The elements are everywhere; beneath your feet, outside when you open the door and look up, the flowers, plants, trees, water, animals, they are everywhere and ready to receive you. Are you ready to receive these miracles too?
Thank you so much Gwen!

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